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XML Technologies

Overview of XML

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a open file format that provides for the storing of information in a structured format that is operating system, application, and software platform independent. An XML document consists of textual information with tags that describe the meaning of the data elements. An XML document can be transmitted across networks and the Internet via standard web-based protocols.

The structured file format separates the data from the presentation or view of the information. This provides for the re-use and re-purposing of information. It also provides for the exchange of data between systems within an organization, as well as externally to suppliers, customers, and partners. The separation of data and presentation also enables the view of data to be tailored to meet the unique business requirements of knowledge workers.

XML Expertise

Strategy and Concept Formulation

Our consultants can help you develop a roadmap and strategy to leverage XML technologies to automate business processes, business processes, and publish information. Too often XML is sold as the "end all solution" to an organization's information management problems. Without proper planning and careful design, an XML implementation can actually lead to more complexities and problems. They could also face resistance from end-users if the technology solution complicates their work, rather than make it easier. Our consultants understand the pros and cons of various XML implementations and can help you select the appropriate technology platform.

Schema Design

Our consultants are experienced in data modeling and development of XML schemas including DTD's and XSD's. XML schemas define the business rules for an XML document including:

  • Data entity relationships
  • Datatype constraints (i.e. strings, numbers)
  • Document structure and data sequencing
  • Validation rules

Stylesheet Development and Publishing

Our consultants are experienced in developing solutions to publish XML content to various output formats, such as HTML, Text, MS-Word, Excel, PDF, and other formats. Our team is experienced with XSLT and XSL:FO, as well as the leading formatting engines, such as Arbortext, Apache FOP, and RenderX.

Conversion and Migration

XML implementations also often requires careful consideration when migrating existing data to XML. This includes data analysis, pre-migration activities, and post-migration data verification. Our consultants understand the challenges associated with moving from proprietary binary formats, relational databases, and other information stores to XML.

Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Our consultants are experienced in designing and implementing web services and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Through XML and standard web-based protocols, XML based web services provide the ability to integrate enterprise systems across technology platforms, operating systems, and location boundaries. It for the first in history provides a true open framework for automating and connecting business process within an organization, as well as externally with customers, suppliers, and partners.

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